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Yosuke (洋介 Yōsuke) is a serious shaman (though stated himself he technically isn't a shaman but can buy all the powers of one due to the YV cards) who seems to take interest in Hana Asakura.


Yosuke is a tall young man with short dark hair that partially covers his right eye. He dresses in a light-coloured western suit, with a patterned tie depicting a pyramid with one eye and rays emitting from the pyramid.


Yosuke appears confident of his own abilities, assuring his companion that he is certain that he can create a wonderful new world for him.


Yosuke's Cards

Yosuke's cards

Yosuke's abilities are currently unknown, though his power appears to be related to various different YVS Cards he carries around.


Yosuke first introduced observering the fight between Amidamaru and Daikyoh Oboro[1]. Yosuke praises Amidamaru's abilities and how he managed to bring his previous master to the continent of Mu, though he believes that Amidamaru is still inferior to Yosuke's own companion, because his companion has helped him to obtain everything he has wanted, Yosuke intends to participate in the "Flower of Maize" fight in order to create a wonderful world for his companion. To this end, he assures his companion that he will eliminate any strong Japanese rivals before the competition begins.[2]


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