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Yoh Asakura (麻倉 葉, Asakura Yō) is the one character in the manga Shaman King Flowers,Yoh is dad of Hana Asakura and Twin Brother of actually Shaman King Hao Asakura.


Yoh Asakura as 13 years old is a sized young man at 5'3". He has neck length dark brown hair and he is constantly seen wearing a pair of orange headphones behind or on his ears.


A slacker by nature, Yoh maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything, even with achieving his goal of becoming Shaman King. Because he was alienated by everyone outside of the family he instead chose to bond with spirits and has decided that anyone who can see spirits cannot be evil. He has even gotten a signature phrase: "everything will work out" as a way of seeing things. He is rarely on bad terms with anyone and always decides to make friends with the people he meets. This is a stark contrast between him and Hana, who is on bad terms with practically everyone, because of his obnoxious personality.


Yoh is a qualified shaman, showing to be qualified to the extent of his power to rival the current Shaman King and twin brother Hao Asakura.

Spirit AllyEdit

Yoh has an amazing shamanic capacity, being considered the best shamans of mundo. He had a default Amidamaru samurai spirit, which has now been passed to his son, Hana Asakura. During the Second Round of the Shaman Fight, he received the Spirit of the Earth, it is now his default spirit.


  • Harusame: The Harusame is a considered Sword of Light and states it is the last sword ever forged by Mosuke. When the sword was stolen from the museum and Amidamaru and Mosuke's childhood was revealed, the dub referred to the same sword as "Spring Rain" ('Harusame') and the first true sword Mosuke had forged for Amidamaru.
  • Futunomitama no Turugi: The Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi is a red knife-shaped rock that has been owned by the Asakura Family ever since the time of Asakura Hao.According to Hao,it was once owned by a sword god and even though it's only made of rock, it is the perfect medium to create a sword oversoul. That sword, which slumbers in a storage room of the Asakura Family, always creates a stir in the world when surfaced since it is a national treasure.


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