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Welcome to the Shaman King: Flowers Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about the sequel manga series of Shaman King, Shaman King: Flowers, that anyone can edit. Shaman King: Flowers has been published in Jump Kai since April 2012. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We currently have 1,747 edits to 88 articles and 149 images on this wiki, since May 25, 2012.
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Hana Asakura
Hana Asakura (麻倉花, Asakura Hana) is the main protagonist of Shaman King: Flowers.

Hana has mid-length dirty blond hair that is very similar to his father Yoh Asakura's hair style. The only difference is that Hana's hair is wavy like his Mother's. He has amber colored eyes and a light complexion.

When Hana Asakura was younger, he dressed in overalls with no under shirt. His hair was much longer, and more wild looking (this fit his personality).

In the Shaman King Flowers One Shot Twisted World, Hana's hair was again long and wild-looking. now that he is older however, he dresses very similarly to his father's casual clothes. He wears a high-collared white shirt with rolled up sleeves, and jeans with rolled cuffs. The biggest difference is that he wears a black under-shirt whereas Yoh Asakura wore no under-shirt at all.He also does not wear his father's headphones (This changes later). He is seen carrying a black briefcase as well, which holds the Asakura family's secret treasure, the Futsunomi-Tama sword.


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