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Namaha is the guardian ghost of Gakko Ibuki.


Namaha is the spirit of a girl who, once she senses a battle, turns into a demonic being and calls herself Nama-Hage to weaken her opponents.


Over Souls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Ogre HunterEdit

O.S. Ogre Hunter (オーガハンター)

Ogre Hunter

O.S. Ogre Hunter

  • Shaman: Gakko Ibuki
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Ally: Nama-Hage
  • Medium used: Unknown

Description: Gakko turns Nama-Hage into an armour that he wears. Gakko gains a helmet with longer hair and straws that wraps around his shoulders and along with his ankles, a cannon that envelopes his left hand, a gauntlet and a large knife that he wields with his right, a chest plate on his chest, and a ropes with three teasels that he wears on his wrist. According to Gakko it is fully equipped to fight Onis.


  • Oni-Slicer Knife Diva (鬼切り包丁「DIVA」, Onigiri Hōchō Dība): is a large engraved knife that is capable of slicing any oni in half.
  • Kong Defender (ケーニッヒディフェンサー, Kēnihhi Difensā): is a special kind of straw cloak that reacts to evil furyoku and is capable of both absorbing and dissolving it.
  • Ogre Kracher (オーガクラッカー, Ōga Kurakkā): is a large cannon that is capable of firing a blast of furyoku that has been absorbed by the Kong Defender.
    • Inverse Oni Drum (逆鬼太鼓, Gyaku Oni Daiko): Gakko condenses all the furyoku that he has absorbed and fires it at his opponent.[1]



  1. Shaman King: Flowers manga; Chapter 14

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