Chapter 27
Light Death Zero 9 Light



Na Rei 9


10 August 2014


Chapter 28


Chapter 26

Death Zero (9) is the twenty seventh chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Though Sakurai is suspicious, he agrees to his comrades' suggestion to interrogate Hana Asakura at the barracks. Frustrated because he knows his story won't be believed, Hana is stunned to learn that Sakurai's unit consists of Kamikaze pilots - their purpose is to crash explosive filled planes into enemy warships and that the pilots are resigned to their mission, despite its futility in the war effort. Hana becomes sullen when he learns that Sakurai volunteered to become a Kamikaze pilot so a friend would not have to and questions Sakurai's resolve, bringing up a girl that Sakurai had mentioned in Talim's coffee shop. Before Sakurai can learn how Hana knew about the girl, the base is suddenly bombed and Sakurai forced to deploy his Zero fighter with Hana aboard.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

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