Chapter 26
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10 July 2014


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Chapter 25

Death Zero (8) is the twenty sixth chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Redseb asks that Tamao Tamamura and the Asakura Family stay out of the Flower of Maize while asserting that Yabisu has gained thorough control of the world seventy years ago. Tamao refuses, pointing out how the Asakura family has supported Redseb and Seyrarm, and asks if Jeanne was truly killed by the Black Maiden. When Redseb confirms it and adds that resistance is futile, Tamao summons the Ultimate Shugen to subdue an angry Ryunosuke Umemiya. Redseb agrees to Tamao's request to wait until Hana Asakura returns before she makes her decision. At the Japanese air force base, Hana finds a number of undamaged Zero Fighter planes and is confronted by Japanese soldiers, including younger Sakurai, who does not recognize Hana.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

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