Chapter 22
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10 March 2014


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Chapter 21

Death Zero (4) is the twenty second chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Recognizing the "Black Maiden" as the one who killed his mother, Tao Men attacks her, but is defeated when she forms an Over Soul with Jeanne's Iron Maiden and supposed ghost. While Men is badly injured, the Black Maiden cannot claim Shamash from Men as the Munzers have directed the Golem against her; their only intention had been to reclaim the Golem and they knew they couldn't defeat the strongest shamans residing at the inn. When Tamao Tamamura returns, she forces everyone to stop fighting and asks the Munzers in for tea, revealing that they are members of Team YVS. In Hell, Thalim explains that Hana Asakura must work together with Sakurai to leave Asura, while Sakurai reminiscing over past memories, asks Hana what he is really fighting for. Unknown to them, Yosuke and YVS are in Hell and have joined forces with the American soldiers to eliminate Hana.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

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