Chapter 16
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Sufuto to Kuriimu




10 August 2013


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Chapter 15

Soft & Cream (ソフト&クリーム, Sufuto to Kuriimu) is the sixteenth chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Yosuke allows for descendants of Team "Niles" to kill Tao Men, while cryptically commenting that Hana Asakura will eventually end up like Yosuke himself. At the inn, Gakko and Namaha explain the structure of the Flower of Maize, as well as the reward of a miracle to be granted to each winning participant. Though Hana reflects on what he really wants as a reward, he refocuses his attention on saving Amidamaru and decides to visit Redseb. While walking to Funbari Onsen, Men is confronted by the sons of the Team "Niles", who want revenge for their fathers' deaths at the hands of Men's mother, Iron Maiden Jeanne. Though Men twice offers apologies and compensation for Jeanne's actions, he viciously counter attacks with Bason and Shamash when they confront him a third time.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

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