Chapter 15
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Furawaa obu Nanchara




10 July 2013


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Chapter 14

The Flower Of Whatever (フラワー・オブ・なんちゃら, Furawaa obu Nanchara) is the fifteenth chapter of Shaman King: Flowers.


Nama-Hage's special ability allows Gakko to dispel the Oni possessing Hana Asakura. Their arguing irritates Hana enough for him to summon another Oni until Alumi Niumbirch arrives and stops him. After praising Namaha and Gakko, she welcomes them to Team Hao, of which Alumi will serve as manager. When Yohane appears to check on Hana, Alumi reveals that Yohane Asakura will also join Team Hao. As Hana demands to know what the Flower of Maize is, Alumi responds that it is a battle of the gods. Because previous Shaman Kings have taken issue with the current king, they intend to resolve their conflict through a battle of their chosen shaman. Team Hao's enemy includes the mysterious YVS, the Shaman King who created the current capitalist world, and has chosen Yosuke as one of his representatives. Meanwhile, a mysterious boy arrives in Japan, ready to be escorted to Funbari Hill.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

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