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Amidamaru (阿弥陀丸, Amidamaru) is the guardian ghost of Hana Asakura and previously owned by Yoh Asakura.


Amidamaru is a tall well fit man with long white hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. He is always seen wearing his samurai armor and cloak.

In Flame mode he is orange with only his shoulder guards and sword still showing from his previous form as well as the front parts of his hair, his ponytail now acting as the tail of the flame.


Plot Edit

Over Souls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Oni KabutoEdit

O.S. Oni Kabuto

O.S Oni Kabuto

O.S. "Oni Kabuto" (O.S. 鬼兜)[1]

Description: Hana's Armor-type Over Soul, it is comprised of several pieces of armor, the largest of which resembles a Japanese Ogre's head, and a giant shirisaya. It appears to be influenced by Yoh's Byakkō. In his battle against Asakura Yohane he exhibited it's great defensive power capable of deflecting a full attack from Yohane's Over Soul. This Over Soul works like an airbag and it also has the ability to change its shape depending on the attack to make an better defence. This Over Soul can also switch from defense to offense.

O.S. Oni Kabuto ToughEdit

O.S. Oni Kabuto Tough

O.S. Oni Kabuto Tough

O.S. "Oni Kabuto Tough" (O.S. 鬼兜)[2]

Description: This is the offensive from of Hana's O.S. Oni Kabuto. This O.S. materializes a huge gauntlet and a giant shirasaya. The effectiveness of this O.S. however has not been revealed because it was annulled before it could be used properly.


  • Hana Style: Shinkuu Buddha Giri: One of Hana's attacks, but nothing is known at how the attack is preformed as Hana's O.S. was annulled.

O.S. Spirit of Sword:White SwanEdit


O.S Spirit of Sword:White Swan

O.S. "Spirit of Sword:White Swan" (O.S. スピリット・オブ・ソード: 白鵠)[3]

Description: Known simply as "Byakkō", this is a variation of Yoh's S.O.S. (Spirit of Sword) Over Soul, made in homage to Yoh's childhood affinity to the white swan, which he creates during his journey through the underworld. It is a double-medium O.S. that embodies Yoh's need for practicality, making the most of his two mediums; the Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi, in the left hand, serving as the source of the O.S. while Harusame facilitating the medium in his right hand, materializing interchangeable pieces of armor that orbit around Yoh for protection; an arm guard on Yoh's left along with an armor panel with two spike panels on his back, and a giant arm on his right holding Harusame in the form of a giant shirasaya. From the said giant arm. Amidamaru can also communicate with Yoh as normal.


  • Amida-Ryū: MuMuMyōYakuMu:One of Yoh's attacks, is a portion of a segment to the Heart Sutra reading "Mu-mu-myou-yaku-mu-mu-myou-jin" meaning "No ignorance and, yet, no absence of ignorance</ref> The ultimate technique of Yoh's "Byakkō" Over Soul, conceived during his venture into the underworld. In essence, it is a powerful thrust of the Over Soul's sword (being held in a "pronged" manner with the top two fingers gripping the sword) which "purifies the very soul", and thus, it is implied that it inflicts no physical damage. The configuration of the O.S. and furyoku released during this technique resembles that of swan taking flight.[4]


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